Kyle – Rap Artist (2010)

August 8, 2011 in Core Projects, Music

Kyle Billings is a Rap Artist and one of the two graduates from the first CORE Pilot Program who was only a few credits away from receiving his high school diploma. His last credits were spent writing and performing his favourite work which is rap. Kyle performed for a cross section of prominent city officials, educators, community workers and developers, neighbours and guests as well as senior administrators from the school boards in Hamilton.
Kyle also performed to a very crowded room when CORE participated at the James Street Art Crawl in May, 2011.

some will say the lower class is getting underpaid
the government looks and laughs and just walks away
poverty stricken time for a life decision
its a code red mission to put food in they kitchen
wishin for a change but we strickin with pain
everywhere looks the same like were do i explain
standin in the rain, my eyes felt the tissue
foot out of poverty starin at health issues
the gang violence, just keep the pain silent
wakin up at night just hearin the same sirens
its the life of a broke kid livin so hopeless
wishin for some medicine because hes so sick
dreamin that hes so rich, and out the gutter
family doesnt vote they were told by they mother
its a straight shot to the top but they dont care
aint no love in this city and man it aint fair

we from the strip were they sick but they still work
to get new kicks, they pound fists, till they hands hurt
to make a change they should see how they livin
go into they struggle, and then make a decision
maybe then all the youth wouldnt end up in prison
have a talk with god, and ask em why they sinnin
To show a little a soul so they dont feel alone
hearts built of stone victim of a broken home
these young dudes need protection in they section
to them they aint tough until they touch a weapon
maybe they learn lesson we should give em advice
this is real life, and you aint get to live it twice
maybe show a little passion to downgrade the action
tell em that you care, so they life aint crashin
askin god for a second chance lookin above
starin at this city man and there aint no love

Any CORE Youth interested in Recording your own Songs or Rapping? Read on…

For youth interested in writing and performing rap or recording their own songs or collaborating with a song writer, CORE Enterprises has many resources to help you accomplish that task, from a wide range of musical instruments and a fully functional digital recording suite. If you have an interest in writing and performing, there will be some additional preliminary work that is required which you will find clearly outlined for you before you begin your project. Remember, if rapping or singing is your interest, you are expected to perform somewhere in this city, in front of an audience (not just in front of your CORE Colleagues) in order to fulfill the requirements for your credits. CORE Performers will locate venues where they can perform at citywide events. For those of you interested in performing or teaching this may be a good project for you to consider. Through tutorials and other online research and exploration, you will be expected to learn new skills and apply them.