Dr Gina Browne: Innovative & Integrated Systems of Prevention & Care

May 15, 2012 in Research

In this video, Dr. Gina Browne, Founder and Director of the Health & Social Service Utilization Research Unit at McMaster Innovation Park and CEO of CORE Enterprises, talks about the epidemic that clearly needs to be addressed in the city of Hamilton. This video was aired in Queens Park before several provincial Ministers. CORE’s work with youth aligns with several Ministries. CORE is hoping to have these Ministries share the cost of helping CORE Enterprises to become sustainable. Ontario should be shocked to hear about some of Dr. Browne’s findings. Listen to find out what her research discovery reveals. Hopefully these statistics will make you want to support CORE even more. Tell others about our website so more and more youth can have a reason to come back to learning –- especially when that learning entails dreaming, designing, developing and delivering your passion.