Literary Arts: A Collection of Poems from CORE Poets

June 26, 2012 in Core Projects, Literary Arts

In order to understand rap as Kyle our CORE Rap Artist did, you first need to understand poetry, using words to convey meanings and sentiment. Your main purpose in any kind of poetry is to create some form of imagery and/or emotion in the reader or audience. Below you will see a collection of poetry from various youth who attended CORE. Due to the nature of this poetry, many of these youth chose to remain anonymous. See if anything here resonates with you.

Unattributed Poetry Collection

Others may tell you how to live,
But I can assure that your life is in your hands.
And you can mould it into anything you want.
Though you must have faith while you’re searching,
for the answers that you`ve been for looking for.
You are left to salvage for your aspirations:
what you want to be and leave the rest behind.
Anyone can follow blindly,
but it`s up to you to rise above the masses
and chase your dreams:
Because they will soon become reality.
Do not be lead from your path;
even when you are weighed down by your ambitions.
All the force in the world cannot make you falter.
We are all prophets in the making.
And our legacies are beginning to unfold.
I will not go to my grave
yearning for what “could have been.”
I know exactly who I am.
I know exactly what I will become.

So Far Come
I was born one morning in December on the coldest day.
Abandoned by my Father, by my mother I was raised.
My mother raised my brother and with a stubborn heart,
My Father left me hurt, good looks, and confident charm.
Well I spend most of my teenage years searching for his love.
I could not find it anywhere so I turned to drugs.
After all the smoke has cleared and all is said and done,
I`ll find myself addicted by the age of 21.
I tell the truth, I`ve been beaten, I`ve been bruised.
I was left for dead as well.
I was wrongfully accused, you left me locked inside a cell.
I`ve been cheated, I`ve been used.
But I have lived to tell: The more you kick me while I`m down,
the more it truly helps.
Something I`ve Rehearsed
I`ll be honest, my patience has come and gone.
I messed up real bad this time.
So I`ll apologize for my appearance, and ever awful pronunciation.
I`m shot, full of hope and I`m slightly intoxicated.
Yet I`m searching for something more.
It`s the disappointment that’s for too much to cope with when everything’s a fabrication.
Our hopes, ours dreams, our love was all exaggerated.
Here I am to admit defeat. I`ve never been one to beg pardon,
But yet I`m on my knees.
I`ve tried my best to smile, but it’s hard when you look up to the stars
and ask the sky when they`re coming back?
Empty as the O in God
We are but sinners, swimming in the stomach of a shark.
But I’m making it out, and making my way up to its heart.
A lot like the world, this beast is heartless.
And a lot like the shark, I’m hungry for your kiss.
I’ve been set in stone since the day I was born.
I can’t believe I made it here, I deserve the worst.
It’s enchanted, it’s romantic, it’s everything you’ve ever imagined.
Just for a second let’s pretend that I give a damn.
I lost my dignity to a lousy girl, and I abandoned my compassionate self.
I’ve been cast out of heaven, and I’ve been spit out of hell.
I’m a walking desperato…
And I am as empty as the “O” in God.

Everyone Can See the Sun
Children listen to what Pac was saying
On the block thinking it’s cool for the guns to be spraying.
Ain’t playing just saying it’s a fun time,
The kid never got a breath of the sun shine.
Now it’s your turn to show the youth that peace is within arm’s reach;
Hard to survive;
when homicide and suicide have touched your life.
Pain runs deep
And cuts you like a knife.
Its real life
trying to get by in this trap 9 to 5;
No way out, no way to survive,
It’s a struggle every day to stay alive.
There’s nothing to brag about
when you’re on the block.
Keeping watch for the cops;
Hoping you don’t get shot.
Sent toe-tagged, body bagged to your motha
Just another gang banger shot.
Not realizing he was someone’s son:
In these positions- no one won.

Poetry Lovers Unite!

You may want to work at designing some poetry lessons to teach in elementary schools or start a Poetry Café in a classroom or at a Senior Home — then help these various age groups create their own poetry which you can collate for them in a Poetry Anthology, which you can design and bind. Show them how to rap or perform your spoken word. Be sure to take a few hours at least and spend some time visiting a Poetry Club to see what happens when they meet to share their poems. These are just some ideas for any poetry lovers in the crowd!