Erin (from Wilma’s Place): Environmental Activist (2013)

April 24, 2013 in Activism, Core Projects

On Earth Day this year, a few of our students, led by Erin, held an open interactive event in the McMaster Innovation Park Atrium called ‘Herbify Your Office‘. In an attempt to increase green space in the workplace, employees who work in the building were invited to attend a mini-workshop and plant their own herbs. They could then take the potted plants back to their work spaces and cultivate them. They were also presented with a large collection of recipes to make the best use of the herbs. This free event was hugely successful and was expanded a few days later when they took it next door to CanMet Research Team in the adjacent building on site. There, Erin presented this concept to 18 attendees who happily left with various herbs to nurture. A follow up will be done by Erin in a few months to see which company grew the healthiest plants. This project ended up being a healthy, fun, team building approach to getting to know the people who work beside us each day. Erin addressed Earth Day and community building through her very popular project. Look for pictures of the ‘herbified winners’ posted at Innovation Park’s website soon.

The photograph below was taken by a representative of the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment, and Health who attended the event.