Mission And Vision

CORE Enterprises for Youth aims to provide secondary co-operative education students, re-engaged, undecided and at-risk youth with the opportunity to become passionately involved in a unique approach to learning for life and career growth purposes by receiving elective credits toward their diploma.

Our mandate and mission.

CORE Youth will:

  • make significant economic contributions to local businesses and organizations in the Hamilton-Wentworth community through the products and services they design, develop and deliver;

  • in an entrepreneurial spirit start their own small business complete with a business plan and marketing materials and take it out to the community for a response;

  • gain skills to help make them better employable with a clearer vision about their future;

  • become happily engaged with mentors and coaches who will help them with decision-making about post-secondary choices, working in the trades, securing a job, or designing a victory lap.

  • graduate from CORE with more confidence and improved soft skills to adapt to daily life situations.

Our vision.

CORE Enterprises for Youth strives to promote experiential learning, self-development and small business and career path exploration by engaging secondary students, those who are at risk, those uncertain of their future, those with entrepreneurial interests by connecting to their community and leveraging the unique attributes that the Hamilton-Wentworth Region has to offer.

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