CORE has spent years cultivating relationships across the city. Partnerships right now that are making a huge impact on CORE to which we are very grateful are:


McMaster University

The Health & Social Service Utilization Research Unit.  CORE is at McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) because of the generosity of Dr. Gina Browne. Her Research Team’s Evaluation of CORE Youth and programming is invaluable and something many new programs lack: authentic assessment calls the designer to always improve.

Faculty of Engineering: Provided a Solar Cottage as our new Music Jamming Cabin, had it moved, added a new membrane and put in a new dead bolt safety lock. How fortunate for our youth to jam as loud as they want out there!

Faculty of Humanities: University Internships built right into the curriculum course expectations will make this ‘strengthening community capacity building’ a wonderful example of President Dean’s 2012 Initiative: Moving Forward with Integrity. Arts Humanities students coming weekly to CORE are a wonderful asset to programming.

McMaster School of the Arts: (SOTA) McMaster students from this program offer workshops that involve as collaborative effort at creating and designing interesting arts fundraising  activities.

Maintenance Department: Installing the deadbolt and adding electricity to our Music Shack allows the youth a space to jam to their heart’s desire. What an opportunity!
Innovation Factory: Keanin Loomis, Chief Advocate for Innovation Park has provided endless hours of coaching with many conference calls for CORE’s Campaign Launch.

Health Living and Fitness Department: Personal trainers for CORE Youth who work with the youth at including fitness and healthy living into their daily habits is a lifelong gift of wellness.
Child and Youth Workers: CYW placements are always welcome as they provide coaching for so many youth in need of emotional support.

Ontario Works places adults at CORE who are looking for training in working with youth. CORE is the perfect site to practice. This provides CORE with a Volunteer Support Team.

Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board

Secondary School Co-operative Education Departments.

HWDSB and HWCDSB Co-operative Education Teachers provide a great connect in choosing secondary students in both school boards to be placed at CORE to earn credits in the arts.

The CORE for Credit program allows non high school graduate students, over the age of 18, disengaged from the secondary education system, an opportunity to earn credits in a unique educational environment with the focus on arts and community based learning. Fast tracking for a diploma is very appealing to youth who have been out of school or those with very few credits. CORE is happy to welcome these very important partners in education who may choose to work on CORE and the Diploma Completion at the same time.