CORE Enterprises coordinates and expands the involvement of community agencies that provide opportunities for youth by linking local resources, experts, artists and volunteers to our youth. Youth who come to CORE produce their own Personal Interest Project (called a PIP) that may develop into a small business, service or product that will get them connected and engaged in the community.

At CORE Enterprises at McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) we want youth and young adults to grow artistically, socially, emotionally and as active community members. We work with each youth to set individual goals and map out plans for them to attain them. We offer studio spaces to explore, create and discover. We expect all youth will produce a service or product that can be marketed in the Hamilton community. Our dedicated CORE Team helps them with their business plans and marketing ideas in the entrepreneurial spirit of which McMaster Innovation Factory has become famous. Currently CORE Enterprises provides opportunities in media arts (photography, videography, gaming); music (singing, playing, recording); visual arts (various media); literary arts, (poetry, writing, journalism); dance (mirrored dance studio available); and theatre/drama. (performance, teaching or coaching). Other customized topics can be discussed during the interview. Example: the environment, civics, social justice etc.

CORE Youth Welcome 2011

This video clearly shows the fine project work CORE Youth can do: especially when they are in charge of their own learning. Christa chose this video as her exit project. She shot and organized the footage so the flow of the video made sense and got involved with another co-op student to edit it. With the help of the Program Director she worked on the script resulting in this very informative glance at what happens when any secondary school co-op student, youth or adult chooses CORE as an alternate way to gain high school credits, confidence, guidance, exploring a well suited career path and improving their employable skills. Come to the CORE!

Hamilton Youth Speak 2011

In this video you will see snapshots of youth involved in many arts activities across Hamilton. You will see some on stage at Hamilton Place when 100 youth, from various diversified backgrounds, came together to show their pride in Hamilton through song, dance and dramatizations. You’ll see some of the children enjoying the Artsaround Camp experience in the summer when body painting became quite a hit at a local Conservation area. These children were supervised by CORE Youth who were employed for summer camp programming. You’ll also hear the voices of youth clearly stating what would energize them about learning as well as those who express what the CORE entrepreneurial program offered them.

This video was collated by the CORE staff who are very passionate about helping youth to gain confidence and develop a better self-image as they begin to find a voice that best describes their passion. This passion becomes a project which can become a part time business or takes them to the appropriate post-secondary path leading to a career. Instilling respect for themselves, their peers and their surroundings, and inspiring them to give back to their community, along with celebrating the arts as an innovative approach to learning are grounding principles of CORE. The narrator you hear in this video is the voice of one of the Brock University Facilitators who gained extra credits by getting placed at CORE and delivering drama lessons to grades 7 and 8 classes. This video was written, directed, organized and edited by CORE Youth supervised by our CORE Staff who took to the streets to determine if CORE Enterprises is a needed investment for youth in our city. (or any city) Watch the video and decide for yourself!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. You can email us at: info@corehamilton.ca or give us a call at McMaster University at 905-525-9140 x 22293.