Dalian (Cathedral High) – Comic Relief: Marketing CORE (2013)

February 6, 2013 in Core Projects, Drama, Highlighted Posts


Dalian was mostly interested in comedy and finding a way to take day to day events and make them funny. His years of drama inspired him to explore acting and improvisation by marketing CORE. In this video you will see that Dalian has a good sense of humour and isn’t afraid to be challenged. He wrote, directed and acted in this virtual tour of the facility, which features several of his fellow participants playing along with his ongoing, out of the box, antics. Dalian always managed to put a smile on everyone’s face every day he was at CORE. This skill will take him far when interviewing for a job, in social settings and working towards his personal goals. Thanks for changing the energy to a light, fun state every time you crossed the threshold Dalian