Alison (Hill Park Secondary) – Photography Portfolio (2012)

March 1, 2013 in Core Projects, Photography

For her project, she identified a need to create and compile a photography portfolio. She wanted to showcase her style of composition, her photo editing techniques and her different motifs and do so in a way that would hone her talents and garner her exposure while earning money. Starting her photography side business are next steps for Ali. Ali attended McMaster Innovation Park Art Gallery Opening to meet the artist whose photographs inspired her to try new techniques with her photographs. This gave her tremendous inspiration to try new techniques.




Melissa – Visual Arts Portfolio (2012)

March 1, 2013 in Core Projects, Visual Arts

Melissa’s personal interest project shows she possesses a passion for art and thrives to succeed. She wanted to develop a dynamic portfolio that shows her talent and love for the varying styles of art that she has explored. Some of her concepts and works have different perspectives and mediums — most of her photographs are edited using Photoshop or Instagram. Of all the mediums Melissa has used, her favourites have been acrylic paints, 4B pencil and photo-manipulation using Photoshop. This video, compiled by Melissa, shows off the best of her work during her time with us and before.

Jocelyn (Westdale Secondary) – Singer (2012)

March 1, 2013 in Core Projects, Music

Jocelyn has a wonderful voice that is well trained. She has studied with professionals and has been actively involved in musical theatre for years. Her theatre productions include anything from The Little Shop of Horrors to Opera. Her jazz trained, wide range voice is suited for many styles of music. Jocelyn has won many competitions and can be heard singing in local establishments across the city. Jocelyn wrote and recorded a song titled Damaging Me at CORE in December, 2012.

Damaging Me


You caught me again
Shoved me back into the corner
You want to be friends
Yet you yell so loudly this is the end
This is the end

You whispered sweet things into my ear
Told me i was beautiful and have no fear
I will hold you close and so tight
I will cast away your demons through the night
Through the night

I didn’t wanna see
I didn’t wanna know
It was you
Damaging me

But i held on tight to what i thought was love
You tricked me to think you were right you were above
I thought i deserved what you gave to me
Nothing more nothing less i thought that’s what it was supposed to be

No one saw the monster i would see come out
I felt something was wrong there was no doubt
So i tried to fight back, stand up against you
But you would not take it i already knew

But i didn’t wanna see
I didn’t wanna know
It was you
Damaging me

All rights reserved for music and lyrics, reproduced by permission.

Lily (Westdale) – Photography (2012)

March 1, 2013 in Core Projects, Photography

Lily’s project was to create a photography portfolio which would allow her to build her talent and abilities and give her the much needed technical knowledge needed to shoot professional photographs. Lilly’s end result was to create a photo blog that would showcase her shots. It can be found here.



Dalian (Cathedral High) – Comic Relief: Marketing CORE (2013)

February 6, 2013 in Core Projects, Drama, Highlighted Posts


Dalian was mostly interested in comedy and finding a way to take day to day events and make them funny. His years of drama inspired him to explore acting and improvisation by marketing CORE. In this video you will see that Dalian has a good sense of humour and isn’t afraid to be challenged. He wrote, directed and acted in this virtual tour of the facility, which features several of his fellow participants playing along with his ongoing, out of the box, antics. Dalian always managed to put a smile on everyone’s face every day he was at CORE. This skill will take him far when interviewing for a job, in social settings and working towards his personal goals. Thanks for changing the energy to a light, fun state every time you crossed the threshold Dalian