Heather (Delta) and Tyrone (Parkview) – Integrated Drama and Media Arts (2013)

July 23, 2013 in Core Projects, Videography

In one of the more complex projects of the year, Heather opted to work with two grade six classes at Prince of Wales School and create a video using green screen techniques. She seconded Tyrone to be her videographer and part-time editor. This duo really made some magic happen for grade 6 students. The filming preparation and execution was handled over the course of a few weeks and involved direct interaction with the classes. Using a variety of drama exercises and techniques to get them into the spirit, the young students were encouraged to come up with the idea for the video’s subject matter and write the script. They also acted in it themselves, and even got one of the teachers involved.

Once the filming was done, heavy editing was done on the footage by Heather and others who came onto the project, utilizing green-screen (or chroma key) technology to add an extra dimension to the video. Once completed, the finished product was shown to the class, and duplicated so that each student would have a copy of their masterpiece.

Heather’s incredible enthusiasm for acting, music, multimedia and life in general resulted in a highly successful project that was enjoyable for all, and most importantly, allowed these students of Prince of Wales to learn new skills, conceive and create a project, problem solve and work together as a cohesive team. The video featured below is the finished product, complete with extra ‘behind the scenes’ footage.

“Middle School Mischief”




Jesse – Stop Motion Animation (2013)

July 23, 2013 in Core Projects, Videography

Jesse worked diligently on a stop motion film for the first part of 2013. It includes mystical creatures that he conceived and designed himself. The story in the video allows the viewer to make up their own dialogue to move the story along. Jesse’s enthusiasm and good humour throughout his project was an inspiration to everyone at CORE.

Draco And The Curse Dragons

Concept Drawings
draco concept


felix concept