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About CORE Enterprises

CORE Enterprises is an incubator of innovation for youth who are pursuing their passions in the arts while serving community organizations in the Hamilton-Wentworth Region. CORE stands for Community Organizations Reaching Everyone. We achieve community involvement by providing secondary students with a unique co-op opportunity, where students become entrepreneurs and serve clients based on their own unique talents and areas of interest. In some cases, they even start their own small businesses. At CORE, co-op students work alongside Arts & Culture professionals in areas of media arts, visual arts, dance, theatre, literary arts, music, and recording studios. Each CORE Entrepreneur is responsible for the design and development of his or her own project of interest, which is then conveyed to a community organization – a CORE Community Client (Appendix A) – in the Hamilton-Wentworth Region. The clients listed in Appendix A showcase the opportunities provided to CORE Entrepreneurs. This list will constantly grow. A CORE Entrepreneur can choose one or more Proficiency Strands that CORE has to offer. (See below) The beauty of this system of intervention and prevention for youth is that they also receive part time (2 credits) or full time credits (4 credits) while they are at CORE Enterprises.

In preparation for each project, service or product CORE provides its entrepreneurs with coaching by a specialist staff as well as employing local artists to enhance the skills necessary to complete each project successfully. Collectively we focus on the strengths of the entrepreneurs through positive encouragement and support. Feedback and assessment of training and preparation is provided to each secondary co-op instructor by CORE staff and the clients in the community organizations where they worked. CORE provides community services at no cost to the public. The services provided in the community serves as a training ground to help CORE Entrepreneurs make better decisions about their potential career choices or creating a small business, or preparation for college or university.

CORE provides a co-operative experiential learning opportunity by:

  • Fulfilling the work education agreement and collaborating to create a Personalized Placement Learning Plan;
  • Receiving feedback and assessment of student performance from each CORE Community Client to ensure all requirements of the Cooperative Education and Experiential Learning Ministry Policy have been met;
  • Collaborating with secondary co-op teachers to monitor and evaluate student performance of curriculum expectations and learning skills to meet all Ministry Policies.