Media Arts

Interested in video editing, photography, animation, gaming or digital art?

This placement provides local media artists and tutorials in photography, videography and gaming and pairs it with computer editing programs in well-equipped Mac and PC suites. If you are interested in the multi-faceted media arts and shared-discovery opportunities than this is the placement for you!
Media Lab
Videography projects include:

  • filming in schools, on shoots, in parks, at the harbour or the community;
  • creating instructional videos;
  • researching appropriate footage for specific tasks;
  • creating marketing material for educational programming;
  • generating video footage for the Artsaround website;
  • filming specifically related topics in partnership with another youth or creating a film team.

Photography projects include:

  • enhancing photography skills using Photo Shop;
  • working at web development and marketing interns who can help you to generate creative photos that captures the arts in our community;
  • researching and creating photo presentations for multicultural programming. Locating architecturally interesting sites as you work through a Cultural Heritage project of your choice.
  • exploring color, shade, contour, contrast, dimension and other techniques with a  local photographer.