Theatre & Drama

Although CORE may have drama or theatre coaches offer workshops at CORE, those of you who sign up for Theatre/Drama will be developing your own course or performance for the CORE students, elementary students, seniors or corporate settings.

As a team you will decide what drama/theatre techniques you want to practice and improve so you can create your own workshop or theatre experience. Will it be: hot seating, mantle of the expert, role play, forum theatre, storytelling, tableaux, flash backs and flash forwards? The possibilities are endless.

The workshop/performance piece can come in many forms. All you need is an interest in theatre/drama and are willing to collaborate with others. You never know you could create your Improv Show or Theatre in the Round or Interactive Audience Theatre. Do you want to entertain children or seniors? At Innovation Park you are in the perfect corporate setting to deliver team building and drama game activities that would be enough to bring any office team closer together.

At McMaster Innovation Park, CORE has access to a lovely mirrored dance studio. This can also be come a terrific rehearsal space for theatre/drama CORE youth. If you need more space to invite an audience or have audience participation, you can have access to one of the many meeting spaces at CORE.