Hamilton Youth Speak 2011

April 3, 2012 in CORE Youth Speak Out

In this video you will see snapshots of youth involved in many arts activities across Hamilton. You will see some on stage at Hamilton Place when 100 youth, from various diversified backgrounds, came together to show their pride in Hamilton through song, dance and dramatizations. You’ll see some of the children enjoying the Artsaround Camp experience in the summer when body painting became quite a hit at a local Conservation area. These children were supervised by local youth who are employed for summer camp programming. You’ll also hear the voices of youth, already involved in alternate programs, clearly stating what would energize them to want to stay in school and those who express what their integrated arts program called CORE offered them. (Community Organizations Reaching Everyone)

This video was collated by the CORE staff, who are very passionate about helping youth to appreciate and highlight aesthetically pleasing architecture and natural beauty in our surroundings. Instilling respect for their surroundings, and inspiring CORE Youth to give back to their community along with celebrating arts with culture in a positive action based approach to learning are grounding principles of CORE. The narrator you hear is the voice of one of our Brock University Facilitators who gained extra credits by getting placed with CORE. This video was written, directed, organized and edited by CORE Youth supervised by our CORE staff who took to the streets to help decide if a CORE Centre is a needed investment for a city. Watch the video and decide for yourself.